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IDEAS to make the March and Movement come ALIVE.


Think about getting your Girl Scout troop involved...

Get Your Sports Team involved

Ask your sports team to participate in the March. Wear misfit socks to a game to celebrate differences. Ask your fans to as well.  Don't forget to take pictures and post on social media. #misfitstrong

Take the MISFIT Theme to the Classroom

Consider growing a misfit sock tree in your classroom and fill it with everything MISFIT. Things that would have otherwise been discarded now become priceless treasures on the tree. Fill it with notes, good wishes, misfit socks/wonders, quotes from books, etc. Learn more about our book,"The Misfit Sock" here:

How about some fun lessons?

Check out all the lessons/ projects and creative ideas at MISFIT UNIVERSITY. Click the Misfit U icon.

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