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  • Tell your family, friends, neighbors and community about this virtual Million Misfit Sock March. Ask them to join in by making a promise to waking up on Friday, October 21st and decide to wear misfit socks for the purpose of celebrating what makes you different and taking a stand against bullying.

  • Here's a SAMPLE email you might send to your school or organization:


  • Dear XXXXXXX:

  • October is National Anti-Bullying Month and I'm reaching out to see if our school/district can participate in a grassroots youth empowerment/anti-bullying movement called the Million Misfit Sock (virtual) March?

  • This March began in Boston in 2012 and asks people to wear MISFIT (mismatched) SOCKS for one day, with purpose, to celebrate what makes us DIFFERENT and take a stand against bullying. Many kids hide their differences for fear of being bullied. Taking a stand as a school community sends a strong message that DIFFERENCES MATTER.

  • This year the Million Misfit Sock March is on Friday, October 21, 2016. The concept is pliable, EASY and schools can have fun and be creative--everyone owns the power of this movement. Last year over a million people participated. The goal is to get a million people to WEAR MISFIT SOCKS this year. Can our school stand up and be counted and show that we are MISFIT STRONG?

  • Thank you for all you do for our children.
    With gratitude,


  • You can learn more about the Misfit Sock Movement here:
    Misfit University: (projects and service opportuntiies)
    The Misfit Sock: (book and family Christmas tradition)


Get Started.

Checkout MISFIT TV 

Join our grassroots MISFIT SOCK movement that asks people to celebrate what makes them different and take a stand against bullying by wearing misfit socks with purpose. 

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